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Welcome to Salemtowne and its golf course. This manual has been prepared in the hope that it will explain the management, operation, rules and regulations of our golf course. The SCA establishes the golfing fees, rules and regulations governing the operation and maintenance of the course. The SCA is assisted in this function by an advisory group of seven residents known as the Golf Committee. While all residents of Salemtowne and non-resident golf members may enjoy playing the golf course by paying the appropriate fees, only those who are paid-up members of the Salemtowne Men's Golf Club (SMGC) or Salemtowne Women's Golf Association (SWGA) may participate in the tournaments and activities sponsored by those two groups. Golf handicaps are computed only for members of the clubs and handicaps are required for all tournaments. New members may establish a temporary handicap based on their first five nine-hole scores unless they already have an established handicap.


This is a volunteer community. Each property owner has a vested interest in the common area of which the golf course is a part. It is incumbent upon all residents to contribute, as their personal situation permits, some volunteer time to the maintenance and operation of our community in order to foster community spirit and assist in holding down costs. All residents and non-resident golf members are therefore urged to volunteer some time in our Club House. You do not need to be a golfer to be a Tee-Timer, and it is an excellent way to get acquainted with other residents of Salemtowne.


The Rules and Regulations set forth in this manual are designed primarily for the protection of Salemtowne Golf Course and its players. More important than the letter of these Rules and Regulations, however, is the spirit and philosophy upon which these Rules and Regulations are based.  These include:

1. The Golf Course is to be used exclusively for playing the game of golf.

2. The protection of individual and property rights of residents.

3. Safety and convenience of golfers and property.

4. The promotion and enhancement of golfing pleasure at Salemtowne.

5. That Local Golf Rules will be adopted by the SCA on the recommendation of the Golf Committee, as permitted by the USGA Rules of Golf, to provide for local playing conditions unique to the Salemtowne Golf Course.

CONTENTS       (Note:  Clicking on any Division Heading below will take you directly to that section)

Division I - Eligible Golfers and Fees

Division II - Guests and Persons Under Eighteen

Division III - Operation of Club House, Course & Computer

Division IV - Tee-Timer Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Division V - Course Regulations

Division VI - Equipment and Dress Code

Division VII - Golf Cart Operation

Division VIII - Enforcement

Division IX - Local Playing Rules

Division X - Golf Etiquette

Division XI - Other

The Rules and Regulations set forth in this manual supersede all previously issued and published Rules and Regulations relating to the Salemtowne Golf Course.  (Rev 10/2015)



All residents of Salemtowne may play golf by paying the Annual Association Golf Dues or alternatively paying Greens Fees for each round of golf played. All residents may sponsor golf playing guests by paying the established greens fees for each round played.


(1) All eligible golfers may obtain a SCA Golf membership by paying the annual Association golf dues. Membership entitles the member to unlimited golf play.

(2) A resident paying the annual membership who moves from Salemtowne may continue to play on the golf course for the remainder of the calendar year for which annual dues have been paid.

(3) A resident paying the annual membership dues, who moves from Salemtowne for medical reasons and has had a membership for the prior ten years, may continue to play on the course at the resident member rate.  This membership must be kept current or agreement becomes null and void. (rev. 2014)


Annual membership dues and greens fees for individual golfers are established each year by the SCA. If annual membership dues are not paid on or before the 31st of January of each year the individual is no longer eligible to play, except by paying the established greens fees, or until they pay the annual membership dues.


Annual membership dues shall be pro-rated for new owners of Salemtowne property, new renters, new non-resident golf members, and existing residents new to golf and shall be calculated on a monthly basis from date of qualification for membership. Dues are NOT transferable and do NOT run with the land. Request for refunds of annual membership dues shall be considered if rendered in writing to the SCA.  Death or permanent disability shall be the only basis upon which the SCA may consider a pro-rated refund.


(1) The SCA shall establish nine-hole greens fees for non-dues paying individuals and guests. A Greens Fee Voucher shall be completed legibly, signed and turned into the Tee-Timer on duty prior to teeing off. When the Club House is closed, the voucher shall be completed and deposited in the box designated for such vouchers, located on the stand adjacent to the front door of the Club House. The Association will bill greens fees monthly and payment shall be due within twenty days of billing.

(2) Any resident or property owner who fails to pay billed golf fees after 20 days from billing date, will be declared delinquent.  Notification of delinquency will be mailed.  Failure to pay within 30 days may result in a lien placed on residents’ property.


(1) A person age fifty or older(rev.2014) who is a non-resident sponsored by a resident owner, or is a former owner and resident of Salemtowne may apply for non-resident golf membership upon agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in this rule.

(a) Applicant shall pay the non-resident golf membership dues as established by the SCA for non-resident golf membership.  Dues shall include but not be limited to the amount paid by residents for annual membership plus the amount from the Association Assessment Fees that are applicable to the golf course.

(b) Renewing the annual non-resident golf membership golf dues shall be by the 1st of January of each year. If the annual membership dues are not paid by the 1st the individual is no longer eligible to play until the full annual membership dues are paid.

(c) Failure to pay annual non-resident membership golf dues in any given year terminates the membership. It can be re-activated only by submitting a new application for Non-Resident Golf Membership.

(2) Club Participation:

(a) Non-resident members are eligible to join SMGC/SWGA, participate in any and all golfing events and entitled to unlimited play. Non-resident membership does not include the use of other Salemtowne facilities.

(b) Non-resident members may hold office in SMGC/SWGA; however, if at any time they are elected to the position of President of SMGC or SWGA they will appoint a representative from that club to act on their behalf as a Golf Committee member.  Non-residents are not eligible to serve on any Salemtowne community-wide committees.

(3) Non-resident members may invite guests to play under the same conditions as residents, except that the non-resident member shall play with the guest with no exceptions.

(4) Non-resident members shall comply with the Salemtowne "Golf Course Rules and Golf Etiquette" the "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and By Laws of Salemtowne Civic Association" and "Rules and Regulations of Salemtowne Civic Association" which are applicable under the circumstances.

(5) The SCA may terminate any non-resident golf memberships at any time if it determines that it is in the best interest of the SCA. Refunding under this section shall be made on a pro-rated basis.

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(1) All guests must be accompanied by a resident, or arrangements may be made with the Tee-Timer to waive this requirement.  This waiver will not apply to guests of non-resident golf members.

(2) Residents and other eligible golfers sponsoring guests ARE
RESPONSIBLE for the conduct of their guests whether accompanying them or not.

(3) A greens fee shall be paid for each guest, and shall be charged to the guest's sponsor by means of a signed Greens Fee Voucher filled out with the name of the sponsor and guest. The voucher must be filled out at the Club House PRIOR to playing.  NO CASH PAYMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE TEE-TIMER.


All persons on the golf course under eighteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

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(1) The Club House shall be operated under the supervision of the Salemtowne Golf Committee. The committee, in turn shall appoint a Tee-Timer Coordinator to obtain and oversee the volunteer daily help. It is the responsibility of SMGC and SWGA to each appoint one of their members to assist the Tee-Timer Coordinator.

(2) The routine daily operation of the Club House and Course shall be provided by tee-timer volunteers under the direction of the Tee-Timer Coordinator.

(3) The Tee-Timer on duty in the Club House is in charge of the flow of play on the course. He or she will endeavor to insure that play is kept moving so that the course is available to all players. The Tee-Timer's decisions and rulings regarding tee-off times and composition of playing groups (twosomes, foursomes, etc.) shall be adhered to by all players. In view of the voluntary nature of the Tee-Timer position, it is incumbent on players to exhibit a courteous attitude at all times towards the volunteers.

(4) The specific duties and responsibilities of all volunteers working in the Club House are posted in the Club House.


During the hours the Club House is open, all players shall register at the Tee-Timer's window before teeing-off on No. 1 Tee. After hours, sign-up shall be made on the forms provided and located at the stand adjacent to the front door to the Club House.


(1) Order of play shall be determined by order of registration, and all members of a group shall be present and registered to determine the order of tee-off. Tee-Timers may add players to twosomes or threesomes to fill out and complete foursomes. Tee-Timers may also permit fivesomes. Fivesomes must defer to any group overtaking them.

(2) Players playing eighteen holes may, after finishing their first round, follow the group teeing off on No. 1 provided the players informed the Tee-Timer of their intention to play eighteen holes at the time of their original registration. If such players have failed to do so, then these players must re-register and tee-off in order of the subsequent registration.

(3) During normal golfing hours all players shall start on hole #1 with the exception of activities approved and scheduled by the Golf Committee and the SCA.


(1) Upon recommendation of the Golf Committee, the SCA may reserve use of the Golf Course to SMGC or SWGA for special occasions and for varying periods of time. Such reservations shall be limited to club tournaments and activities. New tournaments and regular scheduled golf events cannot be added to the schedule after the golf calendar has been finalized without the recommendation of the Golf Committee and the approval of the SCA.

(2) The Golf Course is reserved on Wednesday mornings until 1:00  for play by SWGA. Regular play shall not start until 1:00 on Wednesday to allow the grounds keeping crew to complete their mowing assignments. The course is likewise reserved Tuesday mornings until 1:00 for play by members of SMGC. (rev. 2014)

(3) SMGC has tee-off priority to play Ball-in-the-Hat on Thursday
mornings, and SWGA has tee-off priority immediately following that of the men's to play Ball-in-the Bonnet. On alternate Friday mornings from April thru October a couple’s scramble is also held. Starting times for these events vary depending upon the time of the year, however the times for such events shall be printed in the Salemtowne Monthly Newsletter and Golf Calendar.


The Director of Operations, the Grounds Superintendent, or in their absence, another SCA member is authorized to close the Golf Course when weather conditions are such that play may damage the course.  Such conditions may normally exist during periods of heavy or continuous rain, immediately following such rain, or when frost conditions exist.


Only material relating to Salemtowne golfing activities shall be posted on the bulletin boards inside the Club House. Golf advertising and information relating to other Salemtowne activities may be posted on the bulletin boards on the exterior of the Club House.


The clubhouse computer is available for all members of SMGC and SWGA to post their scores or to check their handicaps. The posting of scores shall be done from the 1st day of March thru the 31st of October.  The computer shall not be used for any other purpose except as necessary by handicap chairpersons or persons assisting in tournaments.

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The operation of the Club House is supervised by the Tee-Timer Coordinator, assisted by one member of SMGC and one member of SWGA.


The Tee-Timer Coordinator appointed by the Golf Committee shall:

(1) Organize, secure, and train volunteer Tee-Timers.

(2) Supply and post monthly calendars on the Club House main bulletin board where volunteers may sign up for work in the operation of the Club House.

(3) Maintain records of service time rendered by individual volunteers in the Club House.

(4) Keep posted an up-dated list of current annual members of the Golf Club which is supplied by the Civic Association Office.

(5) Insure that an adequate supply of scorecards, sign-up sheets and Greens Fee Voucher forms are available at the Club House.

(6) Refer any problems and concerns to the Golf Committee for resolution and establishment of policy.

(7) Present a yearly organization plan to the Golf Committee for approval at the April meeting.

(8) Be a member of the Golf Committee.

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In the interests of safety and to prevent personal injury, players shall NOT hit from:

(1) The No. 5 tee or fairway if there is any danger of hitting players proceeding from the No. 5 green to the No. 6 tee.

(2) The No. 7 tee if persons or vehicles using the road along the side of the No. 7 fairway are within the players' hitting range. Users of road should be particularly alert for errant golf balls and proceed with caution when using this road.

(3) The No. 9 or 18 tees until players ahead are in the tramway cage or out of range on the cart path.

(4) The No. 17 tee if there is any danger of hitting players who might not be visible on No. 17 fairway.


Each golfer using the Salemtowne Golf Course is individually responsible for any injury or damage caused to other persons or property as a result of his/her play on the course.


(1) When the grounds keeping crew is working on the course, players shall not interrupt or interfere with the work in progress.  Players shall instead wait until the work is finished, bypass the hole, or play the hole on signal from the grounds keeping crew that it is appropriate to hit. If the "HOLE CLOSED" sign is posted, proceed to the next hole.

(2) Tee markers or signs placed on the course shall not be moved except by the grounds keeping crew.


The tramway may be used by residents and their guest but shall not be operated by those under eighteen years of age and be limited to legitimate use by its passengers.


(1) The Club House, putting green and practice areas may be used by all residents or their guests even if they are not Golf Club Members. Guests under eighteen (18) must be accompanied by an adult.

(2) Chipping or pitching is limited to no more than ten feet off the
putting green.

(3) Practice areas are limited to west of No. 3 tee, which may be used for CHIPPING AND PITCHING ONLY, and east of No. 7. The practice areas may be reserved on the hour for all or part of that hour period by registering on the sign up sheet or calling the Club House Tee-Timer.


Walking or jogging on the golf car paths is permitted at users own risk and at such times as it is obvious that the course is not being used for golfing. Walkers and joggers must yield to golfers at all times.

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Every player on the golf course shall have his or her own individual carrying device with golf clubs, unless a waiver is given by the Tee-Timer.


(1) All persons on the golf course shall wear appropriate clothing, including shirts, shorts, long pants, or skirts. Swim wear, tank tops, or underwear as outer garments are NOT considered appropriate golf attire.

(2) Shoes worn on the Golf Course must be of the type made for golfing or of a type that does not cause damage to the course. Lug shoes such as hunting, baseball, or other cleats and high-heeled shoes are not approved footwear. The use of soft spikes are recommended but not required. It is requested that metal spikes not be worn in the Club House.


(1) Handcarts shall not be pulled or pushed within fifteen feet of any green or tee.

(2) Carry bags are permitted to be placed on the ground, but not on the greens, on the second cut around the greens, on tees or in the bunkers.

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(“Golf cart” means a motor vehicle having not less than three wheels in contact with the ground, having an unloaded weight less than 1,300 pounds, which is designed to be and is operated at not more than 19.8 miles per hour and designed to carry golf equipment and not more than two persons, including the driver. All golf carts used on the course must display a current valid cart permit.  A valid permit is good for the current calendar year.) (rev. 2014)


The Director of Operations and/or the Grounds Superintendent shall determine when and where golf carts may be driven on the course.  Accordingly the following signs will be posted outside of the Club House:

(1) "90° RULE"

(a) Use cart paths as much as possible, leaving cart path by making a 90° turn opposite your ball and driving directly to your ball.  After hitting your ball return to the cart path by the shortest route.

(b) Except when on cart path, carts must not be driven within a 100 foot perimeter of the green.

(c) Avoid all wet areas and sprinkler heads.


Golfers with limited mobility may apply to the President of SMGC or the Captain of SWGA to be issued a blue flag to be clipped on his/her golf cart which allows the golfer to use the 90° cart rule as identified in (1) (a) (b) and © above, at any time.


All golfers shall operate their carts on the cart path only, except those golfers identified in (2) above.


All powered riding golf carts shall:

(1) Be parked in the parking lot unless you are on the No. 1 Tee.

(2) Comply with City of Salem Ordinance, Salem Revised Code 100.202. ** THIS IS IMPORTANT. Salemtowne streets are city streets. We have a special dispensation to operate our golf carts on the streets during daylight hours to proceed to and from the golf course without the need to formally license our golf carts. Therefore please DO NOT allow children to operate your golf cart. We do not want to LOSE the privileges we now have!


(a) As used in this section "Real estate development" means .......sic Salemtowne

(b) The operation of golf carts is hereby permitted during daylight hours on any public street which is located adjacent to a golf course and between the golf course and the place where golf carts are parked or stored or located within or bounded by a real estate development provided the provisions of this section are complied with and appropriate signs giving notice thereof are posted along the street affected.

(c) Every person operating a golf cart upon a designated public street permitted by this section shall be at least 16 years of age and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of vehicle by the laws of this state or by the traffic laws of this city applicable to the driver of a vehicle, except those provisions of the law with respect to vehicle licensing, registration, equipment, or condition.

(d) No person shall operate a golf cart at a greater speed than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions then existing.

(e) Every person operating a golf cart upon a designated public street shall drive as near to the right-hand side of the street as practicable.

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(1) The Golf Committee is designated by the SCA to assist the Board in the enforcement of the Golf Course Rules and Regulations set forth in this manual. Players disregarding or violating the Rules and Regulations are reminded they are subject to disciplinary action as provided for in Article VI, Section 1 (d ) of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and By Laws of Salemtowne Civic Association. This section states in part "the right of the Association to suspend the....right to access to and use of the recreational facilities by a member and his guests....for a period not exceed ninety days for any infraction of its published rules and regulations."

(2) Day to day enforcement of the Rules and Regulations rests with the individual players and their consciences. Each player has an obligation to inform another player that a particular rule or regulation is being disregarded or violated so that the offending player can make the necessary correction. All property owners have a vested interest in the golf course. Please do not let another person destroy the value of your property or disrupt the golfing pleasure and enjoyment of others.

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United States Golf Association (USGA) Rules apply to all play.  As provided for under USGA Rule 33-8, the Salemtowne Golf Committee, with SCA approval, has made the following LOCAL RULES for application to the Salemtowne Golf Course. These local rules do not supersede USGA Rules and apply only to the local situation. If a local rule is not covered in writing in this book then USGA rules are still applicable.


(1) All out of bounds are marked by white stakes, fences and an asphalt road or cart path.

(a) On the left side of fairways front nine 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. back nine 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and 17.

(b) On the right side of fairways front nine 1,4,5,8 and 9. Back nine 10,13,14,17 and 18

(c) On the right side of fairway front nine 7, and back nine 16, a ball in contact with, or to the left edge of asphalt road and right edge of continuing cart path, is out of bounds. (rev.2014)

(d) For ball hit out of bounds there is a stroke and distance penalty.

(2) If the ball comes to rest in any position that the player deems unplayable, he/she may drop the ball two club lengths from where the ball came to rest, but no nearer the hole with a one stroke penalty. Refer to Rule 28 of the USGA rulebook.


Whether playing from No. 9 or No. 18 the lake shall be played as a lateral water hazard; however if the ball comes to rest against the “man-made” wall, 2 club lengths, no nearer the hole, NO PENALTY.


If the ball lies in, under, or touches a tree marked by a white stake, sprinkler head, drainage ditch, area landscaped with rocks or ruts caused by grounds keeping equipment, and there is interference with the player's stance or intended swing, the ball may be dropped no more than one club length away from nearest point of relief free of the trouble area, but no nearer the hole without penalty.  If the ball lies in the bark dust of a tree well, the ball must be dropped no more than one club length away from the nearest point of relief, but no nearer the hole without penalty.  The trees along the east fence line of holes #7 and #8/17 are excluded from this local rule.


If the ball lies on the cart path, or the cart path interferes with the player's stance, the ball may be dropped one club length from the edge of the path, either to the left or right, depending upon which side of the path is the nearest point of relief including stance with no penalty. The ball is not to be dropped nearer the hole. On the cart path to the left of No. 7 you may drop the ball one club length to the left if when dropping the ball to the right causes the players stance to be on the slope of the fairway. On No. 9 the ball may be dropped to the left of the path if it lands inbounds to the right side of cart path.

(1) PREFERRED LIE(Winter and Summer Rules):  When PREFERRED LIE rule is in effect, a sign will be displayed near the No. 1 Tee.

(a) A ball lying anywhere through the green may be marked, lifted and cleaned without penalty, and placed within six inches of where it originally lay, but no nearer the hole, and so as to preserve as nearly as possible the stance required to play from the original lie. "Through the green" is defined as the whole area of the golf course except the teeing ground, putting green of the hole being played and all hazards.

(2) TOURNAMENT PLAY: Chairpersons are authorized to conduct their particular tournaments under PREFERRED LIE rule if they so desire.

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Courtesy and consideration are synonymous with etiquette.  There are standards of decorum and conduct on the golf course which are generally expected whenever and wherever the game of golf is played.  Experienced golfers are generally aware of this before they move to Salemtowne. However for many Salemtowne residents playing golf is a new experience. It is for this reason that this division is included in this manual. The following golf customs and considerations serve four main purposes:

(1) To reduce the possibility of personal injury.

(2) To speed up play.

(3) To sustain the enjoyment of the game.

(4) To maintain the physical quality of the course.


(1) Golfers are encouraged to play "READY GOLF" in order to speed the play. Ready golf means whoever is ready plays first whether on the tee, fairway or green, except when it creates a safety issue.

(2) No one should move, talk or stand close to, behind or forward of the ball when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.

(3) Players should play without undue delay.

(4) No player should play until the players in front are out of range.

(5) Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found.

(6) If a group is playing slowly and the hole ahead becomes clear of players, the slow group should stand aside and allow the next group to "PLAY THROUGH". When a group plays through, do not resume play until the group playing through is out of range.

(7) When the play of a hole has been completed, players should leave the green just played immediately and proceed to the next tee and tee-off as soon as possible.

(8) Score cards are to be marked on the way to or at the next tee and not on the green just played.

(9) Do not replay putts if it delays players following.

(10) Care should be exercised when entering private property adjacent to the golf course in search of a golf ball.


(11) VERY IMPORTANT. If an errant shot is made, yell "FORE" good and loud to alert and warn residents, or other players, of the possibility of being struck by the ball.


(1) Before leaving a bunker (sand trap) carefully rake and smooth over all holes and footprints. A rake is provided at each bunker for this purpose. Lay the rake down in the bunker, near the edge away from the fairway and green, parallel to the line of play.

(2) A player should ensure that any turf cut or displaced (divot) on the fairway is replaced at once and pressed down. Use sand and seed on Tees instead of replacing divots.

(3) Damage to the green made by a ball (ball mark) should be carefully repaired with a tee or a tool made for that purpose.

(4) Players should ensure no damage is done to the green when handling the flag-stick or their clubs.

(5) Replace the flagstick fully in the socket of the hole with the colored position flag against the rubber washer beneath before leaving the green.

(6) Players should not damage the green by leaning on their putters, particularly when removing the ball from the hole.

(7) A ball shall not be retrieved from the cup with anything other than a devise specifically designed for that purpose or a player’s hand. DO NOT USE THE PUTTER HEAD.

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The purpose of SMGC and SWGA is to provide a solid golf program, social activities within the club, a working relationship, and responsibility to participate in the general enhancement of the golf course. Members pay yearly dues, apart from annual association golf dues, which cover most of the expenses of SMGC and SWGA golf and social activities. The various activities that are offered are organized by volunteers, which include but are not limited to: monthly meetings, tournaments, day’s play, visitations, Ball-in-the-Hat, Thursday play and luncheons. The regular season begins the first of April and ends the latter part of October. Each year a schedule of events is provided.

Your RULES AND GOLF COURSE ETIQUETTE have been prepared with thought and hard work on the part of many people. Therefore we would appreciate it if you would read this manual, keep it handy for reference, and try to abide by the rules!

Any questions or concerns about this manual may be made to the Golf Committee Chairman.

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