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What you need to know

Salemtowne is a residential adult community located in the west area of the City of Salem, County of Polk and State of Oregon.  Buy a home in Salemtowne includes membership in the Salemtowne Civic Association (SCA).  SCA is a not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, desirability, and attractiveness of the real property in Salemtowne.   As an owner, each of the 463 households has an easement-of-use for all of the common facilities and common property, which includes the Towne Hall - Farmhouse complex and golf course.

Salemtowne is governed by a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions by the Bylaws as well as Rules & Regulations, which have been adopted to retain the qualities that initially attract residents to Salemtowne.  The community is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by association members, who are supported by Board-appointed Committees. In addition, there are currently five full-time employees that include the Office Manager as well as the  Superintendent of Grounds and the Ground's Crew who maintain the common grounds.  Responsibility for maintenance of the residences rests with the owner of each home.   

To maintain the character of Salemtowne as a residential community for persons 55 years of age or older, under provisions of the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 as amended, all homes in Salemtowne require occupancy by at least one person 55 years of age or older.  In addition, no one under 18 years of age may be a resident of Salemtowne.  However, children are welcome as guests for periods not exceeding 45 days in any twelve consecutive months.

For 2019, the annual assessment per household due is $866. This helps maintain the golf course, common grounds and community facilities. There also is a  membership fee and a registration fee collected at closing.  The Membership Fee is applied to the Asset Replacement Fund, which provides for major repairs or the replacement of common property items; examples include: roofing, painting, the irrigation system, office equipment, and mowing equipment.  The registration fee contributes to the Operations Budget and supports required administrative work.


Salemtowne Houses

The majority of Salemtowne homes are one level with two or three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two-car garages.  The majority of homes are one of about a half dozen original floor plans - although many have been modified over the years.  A small number of the newer homes have custom floor plans.  A limited number of homes located on the bluff are two-level with walk-out basements.    


Salemtowne Condos

In addition to single residence lots, there are two small groups of condominiums.  The condos are each governed by their own bylaws and rules as well as the bylaws, and rules and regulations of the Salemtowne Civic Association and State Statues.  Each of the condo associations also have annual assessments & Reserve Fund for the maintenance of the condo units.  This is separate and in addition to the annual assessment for Salemtowne Civic Association.

The Garden Court Condominiums is a small association of 12 condo units located on Oakcrest Drive NW.  The majority of these units are one-story with one or two bedrooms.  Most of the units have a view to the south, which includes the golf course and the fields beyond. 

The Townhome Condominiums are a small association of 10 condo units located on Winslow Way NW.  These units are either one-story, one bedroom or two-story, two+ bedrooms.  All of the units have gorgeous view to the east, which includes the golf course and fields beyond.   


Salemtowne has no restrictions and simple rules regarding owners renting their property.  The rules provide that owners are responsible for their renter abiding by the Association rules.  Upon renting, the owner transfers their easement of enjoyment of the common property and facilities to their renter.  Owners considering renting should review the Rules & Regulations to understand the process. 

The Association does not provide property management of rental properties.  Prospective renters need to contact the property owner or their designated property manager.



The Salemtowne Civic Association does not handle property sales nor recommend a realtor.  Prospective buyers should contact a local realtor or any of the web sites that list properties for sale.  Potential buyers are encouraged to spend time visiting the community; you will meet some wonderful and friendly people.  


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